Since you asked . . . I do most of my living and working in Omaha, Nebraska in the company of two dogs, one wife, and a small daughter. My photography and nonfiction are occupied with themes of absence and change in American landscape and culture. At the moment, I'm compiling a book-length collection of essays and photography that seek to conjure the personal and ecological histories of Cuming City Cemetery, a small scrap of virgin prairie populated by some of Nebraska's first non-native settlers. 

My work has previously appeared in the journals Fourth Genre, Isthmus, Sport Literate, The New Territory, and NEBRASKAland, among others. Additionally, my publications have twice been named among other “Notable Essays” in Robert Atwan’s Best American Essays series, and have been featured on the Public Radio program “Living on Earth.” 

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Instagram: @good.cool.mud

Photo by Joshua Foo 

Photo by Joshua Foo